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Why sexual reproduction called germinal reproduction
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п»їTHE simple trick that could improve your sex life
 The giant online pharmacy DrEd has recently conducted a study on a trend that is growing strongly in recent years, the sexto (contraction of sex and texting). As such, 2,000 people were interviewed across the United States but also in Europe. Participants had to answer questions about the relationship they have with sextos: what parts of their bodies they prefer to send pictures of and how much their sex life has improved since they sent these famous messages    The survey first reveals that the phenomenon affects not only young people but all generations. Thus, while 33% of Europeans aged 18 to 24 admit sending sex, the trend is also followed by 21% of men aged 45 and over. 
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 Contrary to what the urban legend says, sextos are not only for teenagers to discover their sexuality but a tool that is both intercontinental and intergenerational. Men would also be a little more inclined to this practice, 29% of Europeans aged 25 to 34 confess sexter regularly, against 24% of European women of the same age who would send messages of a sexual nature.
Americans seem to be more fond of sextos, with 40% of use among young people against 33% for their fellow Europeans.    Sexter yes, but to send what?   Americans admit that the picture they most like to send is that of their genitals while the Europeans prefer a clichГ© of their pecs. For women, no matter the continent, the result of the study is the same: the part of their body they prefer sexter would be their chest.    The investigation also reveals that less a quarter of those who send sexting dare to show their faces on the photographs. This can be explained by the fear that other people than the original recipient fall on the famous cliche! We can also think of porn revenge, a new generation 2.0 scourge. 
В© DrEd
 And total nudity then?   For those who do not have cold eyes, it is also possible to send photos of his body completely naked to his half. The practice is more widespread among men even if it remains quite infrequent. 
В© DrEd
 How can sexter improve your sex life?   According to the survey, 61% of people who send sextos daily say that their sex has improved. Couples or not, the accustomed sextos derive many benefits from this practice. The frustration and expectation would only increase the desire of both partners and allow for a much more fulfilling sex life. According to DrEd, there is therefore a real correlation between sexter and more intense sex.
The sexto, new intimate ally, why deny it? 
В© DrEd
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